DGM : Tests[!]

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DGM : Tests[!]

Mensaje por Kanda el Jue Ene 08, 2009 2:19 am

Seee me aburro mucho ~~,asi que hare Test !!xD
(estan TODOS en ingles XD)

1- ¿que personaje eres de DGM?

2-¿a que personaje de DGM te pareces mas?
3-¿quien eres en DGM?
4-¿que personaje femenino eres?
5-¿que personaje es para ti?
6¿cual noah eres?
7-¿que personaje eres? (version con perfil/informacion extra (?)




you are kanda, your past leaves u in the dark and u don't know
about it, u don't care about anyone, and u don't care about your
partner allen alot

Primera vez que me sale Allen xD


you are a cold hearted, emo, mean exorsist, but is on the good side so you
are pretty cool. You don't take crap from anyone! go you!

4-Road Kamelot

A young yet eldest
Noah! You have quite powerful mind and you get what you wanted. Your
fatehr love you very much and you like to stick around the Earl quite

just got Kanda, a power hungry beast. Even if you will be with him, he
wil treat you like a pest like he does to Lavi.

6-You are Tyki Mikk! you have two sides black and white. The White side
is the of course nicer of the two,he works in the mines with his three
friends, he likes to play strip poker. The black side is abit more
Sadistic, he likes to toy with his victims. He uses butterfly like
things to steal the innocence of the exorsists He is sent after Allen
Walker yet again.

7-You are Yu Kanda.
Fav food:Soba, tempura and other
japanese food.
Innocence: Mugen( infinity blade)
A deadly katana that gives a fatal blow.
S.attacks: 9/10
Anime rating:9/10

have extraordinary secrets that you will never tell anyone. In your
world there are only the ones that are capable will survive the rest
just stand in the way. You innocence is your katana called mugen
(infinity blade). Able to unleash a devastating blast. You are skilled
in many ways and is an excellent swordsman. You are a stuck up loner
and you don't need the help from any other exocist. You hate the naive
and talkative type. It takes a long time for you to get used to a
partner and actually start talking. You may look cold silent and glazed
on the outside but you are actually very caring and thoughtful. You
don't rush into battle strategy is most important. You hide your true
feelings as you think it is not important and never will be.
It is said that you are cursed and have a lotus. If it wilts you will die.


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